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Godfreys Vacuum cleaner review ~ Hoover Tornado bagless

Do you all remember when I ran over my vacuum cleaner pipe when I was cleaning my car- yes you can laugh at how stupid this was! It was funny at the time, but when you have a kid who drops food crumbs everywhere all day everyday… having a vacuum cleaner running on 40% power hasn’t been that great for our carpet!

When Godfreys got in touch to review their Hoover Tornado bagless vacuum I was like UM YESSSS sign me up! I’ve never had a bagless vacuum cleaner, but half of the problem in Wanaka is how isolated we are and how hard it’s even to find a bag for your vacuum half the time! I was sold to get rid of the bag and not have any last minute trips over the holidays panicking because everywhere was sold out of bags!

Key points of this Vacuum I think are epic

  • Powerful 1800W motor for excellent suction and dust pickup on carpet and hard floors
  • Bagless so saves on the environment and expense of buying new bags
  • Light and easy for even my three-year-old to vacuum and move around
  • Good cord length to vacuum in other rooms easily
  • Racing car red – goes fast
  • Audrey loves it

I really loved how easy it was to set up and holy moly this thing has some epic suction power! I feel like i’ve gone from a turtle to a Ferrari in vacuum power! Audrey was super excited to vacuum too, so if Audrey is sold i’m sold! I didn’t want to attach a pic of how gross it was after cleaning my lounge but honestly the whole thing was full of dirt and I thought my house was relatively clean so impressed with how deep it seems to vacuum into the carpets and pet hair.

x Charlotte

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