Subaru XV review ~ perfect for life’s little adventures

I’ve had my current car since I was 21 its got so many kms on the clock I cant count and I wouldn’t be lying when I said its on its last legs, so when Subaru approached me to review their new XV premium I was ecstatic!

My mum and dad both own Subaru’s and before Audrey we owned a super cool WRX which was very fun to drive. I promise you I’ve never had a speeding ticket but it was very hard to stay under the speed limit in that car it was FAST! Unfortunately, the WRX didn’t fit Audrey’s car seat rear facing – so we were forced to drive a responsible car and its been that way ever since.

Subaru XV review

Going from a 1999 Mitzi to a brand new Subaru XV has been the highlight of the year for us- I used to hate driving anywhere, now it’s enjoyable to get into the car press the start button, because yes it has a button not even a key to go in the ignition which is SO COOL and my iphone can even hook up to the radio system! I feel like I’m suddenly in a space ship – or what I’d imagined a space ship to be when I imagined them as a 5-year-old in 1989!

The rear backing camera is one of the first things I love being a mum. I can easily check around the car before backing out and feel confident no kids or toys are behind the car. The mag wheels on this car are amazing – Probably one of my favourite ascetical features. The navigation system is easy to use and will get me to all my photography jobs on time. I have the worlds worst sense of direction so this will definitely stop any marital breakups haha

Driving over crown range in our car as a passenger used to be hell for me and I was so car sick every time I just closed my eyes and felt nauseous the whole drive – in the XV I don’t feel sick at all, because it drives so smoothly it also is super quiet even up to even the indicator sound! It handles really well driving up the mountain, is small enough to park easily (I’m also a terrible parallel parker much to my rally car driver brothers disgust) but this car has all the benefits of a smaller car but is also an All Wheel Drive and can handle off-roading, driving up the ski fields and getting hectic through flooded lakes – yes I did this on the second day after Subaru had sent me an immaculate car- sorry Subaru its a tad muddy now! The traction control system for off-roading is so cool you can see what angle you are driving on the display and how deep even the water is you’re going into!

The car we got sent is orange which probably wouldn’t be my first colour choice as I’m a black on black type of gal but there have been a few pros to a brighter car. I can find it easily in a car park which is winning as I always forget where I park and I’ve noticed safety wise not one person has pulled out at me or near me since I’ve been driving this car. I remember reading a review that said white and grey cars are more susceptible to being hit as people don’t see you so I do think with kids there are positives to having a brighter car on the road.

There is foot space aplenty in this car coming from my old car where with the car seat my knees are up on the dashboard they haven’t skimped on the space inside the vehicle. The trunk space is deceptively large (310 litres with seats up) for a compact SUV.  We were able to fit in Audrey’s bike on a trip and our two snowboards and Audrey’s skis with one seat laid down.

Don’t get me started on how excited I am about the heated front seats – luxury for your butt and going back to the keyless entry it’s so good as a mum you rock up to your car with the remote and it just opens, no fumbling with keys while you’re holding your kid to get in with all the groceries. Along with cruise control honestly, I don’t want to give the car back – we love it so much I think we are going to buy another Subaru in the next few months because it made me realise how much I love this brand for down here in Wanaka. You really can’t go past them for living in the mountains with our adventurous lifestyle! The XV Sport 2.0.i starts at $34,990, which I feel is so reasonable for a car of this calibre and the Premium model just under 40k – I was really impressed with all the features you get for this price point!

I didn’t know what to expect driving the XV, but I actually have so enjoyed driving it- when I say enjoyed I mean LOVE, because I don’t want to give it back EVER! Subaru may have to pry the keys off me in my sleep!

I would highly recommend the XV for families who want to be able to go up the mountain or have some off-roading capabilities, but need a car nippy enough to zoom around the city and get in a small carpark!

X Charlotte

Subaru XV review

Check out more about the Subaru XV on their website online here, or at your local dealer. This Little Hepburn blog is proudly sponsored by Subaru NZ.



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