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The “Real” mummy bloggers

Its been a while since i’ve posted. Life has been busy and i’m going to be honest when I say I haven’t felt up to it…

When I first started Little Hepburn I did it for a way to show the cute clothes Audrey was wearing, a few things we were up too. The longer I was on Instagram I started noticing brand rep searches – it was the early days of brand rep searches so there was only a handful of popular Instagram mums in NZ we all knew each other, it was fun and I remember when got our first brand rep job with Bobux! At the time I was so proud remembering that first package show up at my doorstep! Not having a lot of money at the time (living in Wanaka on one wage – not easy when capsicums sometimes are $8 – I wish I was kidding) working with companies like Bobux, Mountain Buggy, Merino Kids, Lamington etc helped us so much to have a few nice things for Audrey- things we couldn’t afford.

As my Instagram grew I started to notice more blogs popping up, more insta mums and as sponsored and paid post started becoming more prevalent the number of people chasing the insta dream grew- with this came a lot of doubters and people who questioned the authenticity of the “mummy blogger” or “insta mums” Now i’m sure there are a few bad eggs.. there are in any line of work, but I have personally met a lot of the instagram mums in person and to be honest every single one of them was actually more cool in person than I imagined- Beth from Morris Mob is hilarious and Natasha from Wynter Design is so sweet! Melissa from The Best Nest is a hoot and really funny and her husband Dave is so rad! These are real people with real feelings- to me we are all real!

I’ve always refused to call myself a “mummy blogger” more a motherhood blog with a bit of photography thrown in, a bit of my life and a bit of kids fashion – a bit of random. I’ve always tried to be 100% transparent with the companies I’ve worked with. From the very very early days I have worked with the same companies: Toshi for hats, Bobux for shoes, Merino kids, Lamington, Mountain Buggy, Haakaa to name a few. I’ve always been loyal to the same companies and turned down things which I didn’t use for our family. I’m sure a lot of people even following this blog will tell you I’ve turned them down for free stuff- because to me it isn’t about taking everything that comes my way it’s about sharing the stuff I love for my family!

Everytime people question the authenticity of bloggers it upsets me.. it upsets me because I am real! I have feelings and try to always portray who I am. I’m loud and outgoing, but i’m also a private person who chooses what I share… does it make me any less real or authentic because I don’t share that Audrey wanted to watch Peppa or screamed at monsters in her room? Does it make me less real that I don’t share that I cry because I miss my grandma every single week? Does it make me less real because I use a professional camera over a iphone? My photos capture exactly what is happening at the time- just like a iphone does?

If a blogger has to do a few posts every now and then to pay for their website, or feed their family is it so bad? You can click the button unfollow – it’s pretty easy if you don’t like something! Blogging is hard, running a website is hard and expensive – we have to pay website fees, domain hostings, emails, taxes, deal with companies, take pics, store images the list goes on – it’s time-consuming and hard work being a professional blogger – plus a mummy! It’s way more work than you can ever imagine working with PR companies and writing paid campaigns.

Somedays I feel like giving up and closing everything down, i’ve worked so hard to get where I am with this blog, but the heart-ache gets to much… you work so hard to bring cool giveaways and help other mums and make mum-life feel a little less lonely and it’s hard not to just hear the bad things! I feel tired and down-hearted about where Instagram is now and how it has changed over the time! I want to inspire, I want to share and want to have time to talk with you all, but i’m scared.. scared to put my life out there, scared to be judged and scared to be called another “unauthentic Motherhood Blog!”

I wouldn’t change a thing about Little Hepburn, the companies i’ve worked with, the people i’ve met, the stories i’ve told! If i’ve helped one mum get through a hard time then it’s worth it! But what I would change is how people treat others and talk about others! I wish there was a pinch more kindness in the world – we are all trying to support our families – whether we do a load of sponsored posts or none… we are real people with real families, trying to do an honest job!

Let’s unite together instead of tearing others down! – Hope that’s REAL and authentic ENOUGH for ya 😉